Govt declares that it will close down Air India if there is no buyer for it

It is shameful on all the Governments until now that they have to sell off the PSUs.

New Delhi – The Union Civil Aviation Minister Hardip Singh Puri stated in the Rajya Sabha that if there are no buyers for Air India, the Government will shut it down. He informed the upper house before presenting the ‘Civil Aviation Amendment Bill, 2020’.

(Courtesy: The Economic Times)

He further stated, “If possible the Government will continue to run Air India. However, s it has a financial liability of Rs. 60,000 crores . The Government has funded the organisation with Rs. 30520 crores. (The Government purchased Air India from Tatas. Now it is selling off Air India. The Air India establishment suffered heavy losses, resulting in the liquidation. Why it incurred heavy losses and who is responsible for it ? The people of India demand answers. People have the right to know why the PSUs run into losses. – Editor) Therefore, there only two options either sell it off or close down”.

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