Religious fanatics beat a Hindu man for using loudspeaker in a temple

Religious fanatics forcibly turn off the loudspeaker !

  • Is it Pakistan that such incidences take place here ? Hindus do not expect that such things happen in U.P., in the rule of Yogi Adityanath. The Government should take the strict action against those found guilty !
  • Religious fanatics with the attitude ‘pot calling the kettle black’! They want to have unauthorised loudspeakers on Mosques but object to having loudspeakers in temples. This is Talibani attitude. Realise if the Government does not stop this in time, such religious fanatics would even dare to drive out Hindus from this country. If this should not happen, then unite and establish Hindu Rashtra (Nation) !  
  • Hindus file petitions after petitions to Police and administration to remove the unauthorised loudspeakers on Mosques; however their demands are turned a deaf ear. On the contrary religious fanatics fearlessly break the law to get what they want and ultimately achieve their goals. In spite of this, so called progressives call Hindus as non-tolerant !
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Lucknow (U.P.) – Religious fanatics beat a Hindu man named ‘Swaraj Singh’ for using loudspeaker in the temple. This incident took place in Achchheja village of Gautm Buddha Nagar district. After Swaraj Singh filed a complaint, Afzal, Sharafat and Gulzar have been arrested.

Swaraj Singh stated in the complaint that, ‘every day Bhajans and Arti are played on loudspeaker. On 4th September 2020, few religious fanatics threatened to turn off the loudspeaker. I opposed this threat. However they forcibly turned off the loudspeaker. In the afternoon when I went to collect grass along with my daughter in the field, they brutally beat me with sticks. Afzal, Sharafat and Gulzar threatened to kill me if the loudspeaker is ever turned on.’

3 accused have been arrested for this matter and the incident is under investigation. For the sake of security a Police force has been deployed in the village, said ADCP Vishal Pandey.