To suppress news about ‘Love jihad’, the Communist Govt takes the decision to stop publication of notice of marriage in website

This means the Kerala Government gives consent to and supports Love jihad. The Central Government should interfere in the matter direct the State Government not to stop the publication of the notice.

Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala) – The Kerala Government has issued a circular prohibiting the prevailing practice of uploading of ‘notices of intended marriage’ under the Special Marriage Act on the website of Registration Department.

The move is on account of many complaints received by the Government that this facility is being misused by some groups for communal propaganda. Publication of such notices in the concerned Sub-registrar’s offices would suffice, the Minister G. Sudhakaran said. (If the marriages taking place in such a manner are love jihad incidents, what action the Government is going to take ? Why did Sudhakaran not explain this ? Many instances have taken place in Kerala where religious fanatics have lured Hindu and Christian girls with love, converted them to Islam and turned them into terrorists after marrying them. Therefore, it is suspected that the Government is assisting the terrorists by diluting the provisions of law. – Editor)

The Delhi High Court allowed a writ petition challenging the practice of posting the notice of intended marriage under the Special Marriages Act at the residential addresses of both parties to the marriage and also to the Police station officer. That would have ensured neither party has a spouse living, soundness of mind of both the parties, not suffering from a mental disorder, etc. However, this provision is also not available now.