Religious fanatics scuffle and threaten to kill Mathadhipati Pradeep Maharaj of Shri Krishna Temple in Jalgaon (Maharashtra)

Case to stop illegal smuggling of cows

Lack of seriousness by the Police Officers

First, they do not stop the illegal smuggling of cows themselves and when devout Hindus report such incidents, they do not act promptly. How will such Police Officers maintain law and order in the society ? It is not enough to make the cow slaughter ban law, but the Government also needs to make its system capable for its effective implementation !

Jalgaon (Maharashtra) – Cow smuggling is being carried out inhumanly and illegally in Varangaon of Jalgaon District (Maharashtra). When Pradeep Maharaj, a local devout Hindu and Mathadhipati of Shri Krishna Temple, opposed it, then the fanatic driver snatched his mobile, destroyed the photographs of the injured cows taken by him and scuffled and abused Pradeep Maharaj. Fanatics threatened Pradeep Maharaj, ‘if you are seen again in this area, we will kill you.’ This incident took place at 5:15 am on 12th July.

Pradeep Maharaj saw a small vehicle carrying 5 cows in an inhuman manner. So he tried to contact Varangaon Police Station, with no success. He then approached Assistant Police Inspector Borse, who said, ‘you come to the Police Station, then we will see.’

Till then, Pradeep Maharaj inquired with the fanatic of the suspicious vehicle. Thereafter, the fanatic driver called 10 people from Varangaon and they scuffled and abused Pradeep Maharaj.

After this incident, all the Hindu Organisations have submitted a memorandum of intent in Nimbhora Police Station stating, ‘stop the smuggling and transportation of cows and beef .’