Imbibe spiritual positivity by wearing sattvik jewellery on arms and hands !

Adorning oneself with gold jewellery on the arms and hands during festivals and ceremonies is an integral part of Indian culture. There is a region-specific rich diversity in the traditional designs of this jewellery. sattvik (Sattva-predominant) jewellery worn on different parts of the body emits positive energy and thus provides spiritual healing to the respective organs. This eliminates the subtle Raja-Tama components and leads to increase in sattvikata of the organs. It also results in the creation of a protective sheath around the organs which protects them from negative energies.

In this article, we have shared the underlying science of wearing gold sattvik jewellery on arms and hands. By understanding the spiritual science, you can select spiritually positive designs you and your future generations can benefit from for years to come !

1. Armband

South India

Armband, also called ‘Bajubandh’ or ‘Vaki’, is quite popular in India. It is worn on the upper arm during occasions such as weddings or rituals such as Lakshmipujan. Wearing a gold armband with a sattvik design has a positive effect from the shoulder to the elbow. Some traditional armband designs are shown here.

1A. Spiritual benefits of wearing a sattvik armband

1. Waves of Shakti (Divine Energy) are active in the armband. These are imbibed by the upper arm. They then spread to the entire hand, bestowing it with the energy to function.

2. Shakti, Chaitanya (Divine consciousness), Anand (Bliss) and Shanti (Peace) emanating from the armband are bestowed on the woman wearing it as per her constitution.

3. The sattvikata, Devitattva and Chaitanya in the armband generate a protective sheath around the arm and provide protection against negative energies.

1B. Subtle picture of a sattvik armband

The true measure and analysis of what happens in the subtle dimension can only be done through the medium of an advanced sixth sense. At the Maharshi Adhyatma Vishwavidyalay (MAV), we have a team of researchers who can perceive subtle vibrations emitted by an object or individual through their subtle ability. They study these vibrations and sketch them on paper.

The accuracy of these ‘subtle-pictures’ is checked and corrected by Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale, the founder of MAV. This is followed by generating a digital version of the pictures. These pictures provide a true measure of the subtle characteristics of the object or individual.

The subtle-picture  depicts the spiritual benefits obtained by a woman upon wearing a sattvik armband on her right upper arm. It shows that a variety of positive energies such as Shakti, God Principle and Chaitanya are attracted to the armband.

They are then activated and emitted into the woman’s body, thus providing spiritual benefits and protection against negative energies.

2. Bangles

Various types of bangles with traditional designs specific to each region are worn across India. Some region-specific examples are given ahead.

In the sections ahead, we have shared subtle pictures of some types of sattvik bangles, namely patali, bilwar and toda. The sequence of wearing these bangles is shown in the picture given ahead.

The subtle pictures will give you an idea of the spiritual benefits of wearing each type of sattvik bangle.

2A. Spiritual benefits of wearing a sattvik Patali


Patali is a traditional flat and broad gold bangle worn especially by married women. Traditionally when worn along with other bangles it is worn first from the arm, followed by other bangles.

The subtle-picture shows how by wearing a sattvik patali the wearer benefits from the Agnitattva (Absolute Fire-Principle), Shakti and Chaitanya.

These positive energies are activated in the patali in the form of a ring. All these positive energies are emitted into the woman’s body in the form of a ring or particles.

2B. Spiritual benefits of wearing a sattvik bilwar


Bilwar is a narrow gold bangle. It comes in a variety of designs. It is worn routinely, especially by married women.

When worn with a patali and toda, it is worn between the patali and toda.

The subtle-picture (marked ‘B’ on right) depicts how a sattvik bilwar attracts a flow of Shakti, Devitattva (Goddess Principle) and Chaitanya. These flows then become activated in a ring form. Shakti and Chaitanya are emitted into the body in the form of waves and particles. The Chaitanya creates a protective sheath around the hand of the woman.


2C. Spiritual benefits of wearing a sattvik toda : Toda is essentially a broad, thick variety of bangle. It is usually not worn routinely, being reseved for occcasions. It is traditionally worn after the bilwar.

You can see from the subtle-picture given ahead that upon wearing a sattvik toda the wearer benefits from Shakti, Chaitanya and Anand. Chaitanya and Anand are emitted into the environment, thus benefitting others in the vicinity too.

3. Imbibe maximum spiritual positivity by wearing sattvik jewellery on the arms and hands !

Today, the jewellery market (including online stores) exhibits a plethora of designs and shapes of bangles and armbands. An attempt to be ‘different’ from the traditional ones is the current norm. However, unfortunately this has also led to designs which are low in the sattvikata and hence, the spiritual purpose of the jewellery. To get maximum spiritual benefits, select and wear sattvik jewellery on the arms and hands !

Authors : Paratpar Guru (Dr.) Athavale (Founder, Maharshi Adhyatma Vishwavidyalay) and Dr. (Mrs.) Nandini Samant (Maharshi Adhyatma Vishwavidyalay Research Team Member, Goa.)

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