No guarantee Trump will back India against China : US President’s ex-aide John Bolton

Taking this into account, India should make itself ready to defeat all enemies by using its own resources at hand.

John Bolton       

New Delhi – Former United States National Security Advisor John Bolton has said that if the China-India border tensions escalate, there is no guarantee that US President Donald Trump will back India against China. Bolton was United States National Security Advisor from April 2018 to September 2019.

China has been behaving in a belligerent fashion all around its periphery, certainly in the East and the South China Sea, and its relations with Japan, India as well as others have declined, Mr. Bolton told WION TV in an interview.

“I don’t know what Trump will do after the November elections. He’ll be back to the big China trade deal. If things were to develop between India and China in a more critical fashion, I’m not sure where he would come down,” the former US envoy to the UN said.

John Bolton also said he does not think Mr. Trump knows anything about the history of these clashes over the decades between India and China. Donald Trump may have been briefed on it, but history doesn’t really stick with him, said Mr. Bolton. As it is, Trump is already facing troubles due to the spread of coronavirus in the US.