India gave the best fitting reply to China’s aggression – The US

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

Washington (USA) – ‘Bullying has been China’s policy based on the border dispute. The world should stop China from doing such acts. I have spoken with Foreign Minister, S Jaishankar, several times about this. The Chinese took incredibly aggressive actions and Indians have also done their best to respond to that’, praised US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. He said this when he was asked a question about China’s intrusion into Ladakh.

(Courtesy: ThePrint) 

Pompeo further said, ‘In the recently concluded meeting of the ‘Global Environment Facilitators’, China had put its claim on Bhutan’s sanctuary. From the mountain ranges of Himalayas to waters of Vietnam’s exclusive zone to Senkaku islands and beyond, China has a pattern of instigating territorial disputes. The world should not allow this bullying. The world must come together to give a strong reply to these acts of the Chinese Communist Party.’