24 Indian soldiers critically injured and 110 injured

Some missing soldiers likely to be in China’s custody

New Delhi – In the fierce Indo-China battle, 20 Indian soldiers were martyred, 24 are still critically injured and 110 other soldiers are injured. All are being treated. Apart from this, there is information that some Indian soldiers have gone missing. There is a possibility that the missing soldiers might be in China’s custody. According to a report given by an Army officer, the number of martyred Indian soldiers is likely to increase.

Unarmed soldiers attacked by the Chinese army from top of a mountain

According to the news by an English website, an official of the hospital, where the injured soldiers are admitted, has informed that the Chinese soldiers, while searching for the unarmed Indian soldiers, attacked them from top of a mountain.

Soldiers of the Bihar regiment were attacked with weapons like iron rods, sticks, thorn nets, etc. Due to this sudden invasion by China, the Indian soldiers were taken aback. Thereafter, they gave a befitting reply to the Chinese soldiers. Some of the Indian soldiers reached the hummock of the mountain and fell from there while fighting with Chinese soldiers. Chinese soldiers also fell with them.