‘Provide Kashmiri Hindus with weapons for self-defence’ – Advises Ex-Police DG, S.P. Ved

  • Such a recommendation by an Ex-Police officer indicates a complete failure of the Governments, Police, and administration.
  • All Governments until now failed to nail a few militants. This is disgraceful. Only the ‘Hindu Rashtra (Nation)’ will change the situation.
Former Director General of Police S.P. Vedas

Srinagar (J&K) – The Government should provide weapons to minority Hindus in Kashmir for self-defence and combating terrorism. This suggestion was put forward by former Police DG, S.P. Ved. He was speaking with an English news channel. The reference was the killing of Hindu Sarpanch Ajay Pandita by Jihadi terrorists. He suggested the same for insecure Muslims in the J&K region.

S.P. Ved commented, “We must supply weapons to minority Hindus and train them to  fight terrorism. Weapons were supplied to the Hindus in the Chenab valley for self – defence. This helped in preventing the migration of Hindus in the 90s. Special provisions are essential for the weaker sections in the valley on the lines of Israel. All efforts must be made to ensure to create a sense of security among Hindus. To begin with, we must form ‘Gram Suraksha Samiti’ (Village Defence Committee) in each village. This demands meticulous planning. The task may be difficult, but not impossible”.