Wakf Board proposed to give money to the Government to fight against Coronavirus

Money of Muslims should be spent on Muslims only ! : Congress MLA Jamir Ahmed spews venom against Wakf board

Congress leader Prithviraj Chavan wants gold in Hindu temples to be borrowed, while a Congress MLA says that the money of Muslim religious institutions should be spent only on Muslims. This makes it clear that Muslim public representatives always give priority to their own religion.

The temples of Hindus are Government-controlled, and their money is spent on other religions, but not a single Hindu public representative opposes this. Muslim public representatives immediately oppose when their religious institutions spend money on others.

Bengaluru (Karnataka) – The Wakf Board of Karnataka has announced that it will contribute money to the State and Central Government’s relief funds to fight coronavirus, and it has also requested others to donate. This has been opposed by the State Congress MLA Zameer Ahmed Khan. In addition, former Chief Minister Kumaraswamy has also protested.

Zameer Ahmed has said that the money of the Wakf board is that of Muslims, that is why it should be utilised only for Muslims. The Wakf Board should give money to the poor Muslims. Why is the Board giving this money to the State or the Central Government ?

Kumaraswamy says, “The State Government gives grants to the Wakf Board, so the Wakf Board should not give this type of donation to the Government.” (In the first place, why does the State Government give grants to the Wakf Board, why is this money not used for developmental activities ? – Editor)