The tension between India and China increase further

China increased the Army deployment and patrol boats in the Pangong lake region

China escalated these mischief as a deterrent, and as pressure tactics to prevent India from taking military action in the POK. India should not heed and must annex the POK.

New Delhi – Indian and Chinese security persons wrestled at Pangong lake region, a few days back. Now, China infused a large contingent of Army soldiers and patrol boats. This led to the escalation of tension in the region. China protested against the patrolling by the Indian Army and construction of roads in Ladakh.

  1. Forty-five km on the western side of the lake is with India. India has an equal number of patrol boats in the region for paroling. However, China increased patrol boats three times and is displaying aggressive postures.
  2. A military spokesperson said, “Tension in Ladakh can impair the situation in the other areas on the Chinese border. Construction is going on in the Indian controlled region. When the Chinese Army forcefully intrudes, the Indian Army asks them to return to their territory. They do not obey, leading to a scuffle.