Shahid Afridi, a cricketer from Pakistan, insults India and Prime Minister Modi

Shahid Afridi should not cross the limits – Retorted Harbhajan Singh

Even the Indian cricketers are retaliating against the persons speaking against India; it is a good omen.

New Delhi – ‘The statement of Shahid Afridi regarding India and Prime Minister Modi is gross misconduct. We will not permit it. Afridi requested our help to address people for assistance, for his campaign against coronavirus. We abided by his request and made an appeal. Combating coronavirus is beyond boundaries, castes and religions. But Afridi speaks evil about our country, to hell with him. He has no rights to talk against India. He should remain within limits’, reacted Indian cricketer Harbhajan Singh.

Afridi criticised Prime Minister Modi regarding Kashmir. He tweeted – To understand the sufferings of Kashmiri people, you need not belong to any religion. Kashmir should be saved’. He visited a military base and made a statement – ‘Indian Prime Minister Modi practices politics of communalism. Modi will have to reply for hardships of Kashmiris.’

Cricketer Shikhar Dhavan said, “The whole world fights coronavirus and you are concerned with Kashmir. Kashmir belonged to us and will remain with us. You may bring 20 crore persons, one Indian will be a match for one lakh. Now you do the arithmetic”.

Ex-cricketer and Delhi MP Gautam Gambhir said, “The ‘16-year-old’ Shahid Afridi said, ‘Pakistan has an Army of seven lakhs and has a support of 20 crore’. Still, Pakistan is begging for Kashmir for the last 70 years. Kashmir will never be yours. May I remind you of Bangladesh ?”