In Qatar, the citizens without a mask are fined with Rs. 41 lakhs and 3 years imprisonment

Indians who are breaking the lockdown, carrying out prayers in groups in mosques, attacking Police, crowding streets in Ramadan and organising Iftar parties should also be treated with stern action.

Doha (Qatar) – Qatar will penalise those not wearing mask in public places, during the current crisis of coronavirus. It will impose a penalty of Rs. 41,70,000 and three years of imprisonment. No other country has imposed a similar rule. During Ramadan, people assemble in a large number crowding the public places; this has compelled authorities to take this decision. (If Islamic countries can lay down this rule, why cannot India ? – Editor)

1. To control the epidemic of coronavirus in Qatar, this rule was enforced. The population of Qatar is 27 lakhs but there are more than 30,000 coronavirus positive patients.

2. In Chad, Africa, 15 days of imprisonment is proposed for not wearing a mask. Morocco enforced three-months jail-term for a similar crime.