Religious fanatics attack Police in Aligarh (UP) and rescue the cow-smugglers

Two religious fanatic women attackers arrested.

Indian Police, persistently being attacked by religious fanatics,  are unique in the world. Does anybody from Police force feel like preventing such incidents ?

Aligarh (UP) – The religious fanatics attacked the Police near Baba Masjid in Kasim Nagar. The Police had reached the spot to apprehend cow smugglers. The Police had grabbed a few smugglers, but the fanatics attacked, rescuing and helping the smugglers to escape. Police uniforms were torn in the fight and one militant woman bit the hand of a Policeman. (Day by day, religious fanatic women are participating in crimes in increasing numbers. – Editor) Later, a large contingent of the Police force was deployed and two women miscreants, Shabana and Rukhsar were arrested. Search for other criminals is going on.

A few days back, a cow was slaughtered in Bhujpura area. The Police were searching Mustkeen and Munna in this connection. This incident took place when the Police force reached the area to arrest them. On 22April, when relaxation in lockdown was over, the Police reached the spot to enforce the closure of the open shops. A large crowd of religious fanatics had pelted stones at the Police. A Police constable was injured in the attack. (Why the police did not go fully prepared ? Nothing was learnt from the experience ? Why is the pseudo-secularist and progressive community silent ? – Editor)