Pitambari Industries distributes immunity booster ‘Gopiyush capsules’ free of charge to coronavirus warriors

Mumbai – It is essential to sustain and boost immunity in the body to protect against infectious diseases. Known for producing innovative products Pitambari Industries has taken initiative to assist coronavirus warriors. According to a press release of Pitambari,‘Gopiyush Capsules’ and ‘Gopiyush Chewable Tablets’ made from colostrums of a healthy Indian cow will be distributed free of charge to the Police personnel, health workers, and survey volunteers of R.S.S. organisation’s Jankalyan Samiti.

As per the information from the press release –

Within 48 hours after birth, newborn babies get components from mother’s milk which boosts the immune system. This milk is called colostrums. Colostrums of an Indian cow also have ‘Non-Casein Protein’ more than 26%. ‘Immunoglobulin’ found in ‘Non-Casein Protein’ helps to boost immunity, whereas ‘P.R.P.’ and ‘Lactoferrin’ creates antibodies.

After 3 years of research Pitambari produced ‘Gopiyush Capsules’ and ‘Gopiyush Chewable Tables’ from colostrums of healthy Indian cow. It is proved to be beneficial for all the age groups claimed Pitambari Industries.

3. ‘Gopiyush Capsules’ and ‘Gopiyush Chewable Tables’ are available in all the leading medical shops for sale. It can also be ordered online from Pitambari’s website; www.pitambari.com. One can also contact Dr. Mandar Phatak on phone no. 9004032914 to obtain ‘Gopiyush Capsules’ and ‘Gopiyush Chewable Tables’ appealed Piatambari Industries.