New airbase for Air Force is being built by Pakistan in Skardu, PoK

Pakistan continues to take sustained actions against India. Therefore, it is necessary to put an end to this problem of ‘Pakistan’ permanently !

Islamabad (Pakistan) – Pakistan is building a new airbase for the Air Force in Skardu in Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK). It is being said that if there is a war with India, then this is the attempt of Pak to respond to India. The photograph taken by an Indian satellite revealed this information. At present, there is one civilian airport located in Skardu.

1. By building an airbase in Skardu, the Pakistani aircraft will be able to enter India within five minutes. However, they will not be able to escape the anti-aircraft missiles installed at the border.

2. The highway constructed by China under CPEC project passes through Pakistan occupied Kashmir. To protect this highway, the Chinese Air Force can use the airport at Skardu. This is worrying matter for India.

3. With the fear that India would once carry out do a ‘Surgical’ or airstrike in Pakistan occupied Kashmir, Pak is nowadays patrolling the border through fighter aircraft.