Communist activist Rehana Fatima who tried to enter Sabarimala temple has been retired compulsorily – BSNL

Central and State Government should take similar action on the antagonists of Hindu Dharma.

Pseudo secularists and progressives will shout at top of the lungs claiming injustice was done with Rehana and oppose the action. Central Government should not pay heed to it. 

Kochi (Kerala) – Showing complete disregard to the protests by all Hindus, Rehana Fatima, a Communist party worker, wilfully tried to enter the Sabarimala shrine. As a result of this case, the Central Government organisation, BSNL ordered her to go on compulsory retirement. The action was the outcome of deliberately hurting the religious sentiments of devotees, on social media. Rehana was a ‘Telecom technician’ in BSNL. She attempted to forcefully enter the Sabarimala temple in November 2018 and was arrested. On arrest, BSNL suspended her services. Rehana said that she will contest the compulsory retirement order. She alleged that this action is ‘politically motivated.’

1. BSNL issued a statement – We expect every officer to fulfil the highest interest of the organisation.

2. In 2014, Rehana had participated in ‘Kiss of Love’ movement against artisans of pseudo moral police.