Corona causes food problems for 17 million people in US

Washington (USA) – Corona has infected 1.3 million people in the United States and killed more than 80,000 people. In the last two months, 17 million people are facing food crisis. The total number of people who have to go hungry due to corona and other reasons has now reached 55 million. Currently, an organisation, Feeding America, working on food security and hunger in the United States is delivering meals to feed people.

1. Katie Fitzgerald, the Feeding America’s chief executive, said the situation was out of control given the growing number of corona. This condition can lead to a food crisis, and can be even more frightening.

2. “The big challenge is that we don’t have enough food to meet people’s demand for food,” Katie said. Currently 30% of the people need help. They had never asked for food before.

3. The Feeding America organisation is currently delivering food to the United States through 60,000 agencies. 2 lakh volunteers are helping for this.