China constructing an artificial island in Maldives near to India

Attempt to encircle India in the Indian Ocean !

This incident shows, India has no other option than adopting an aggressive policy against China !

Beijing (China) – When the whole world is fighting against coronavirus, China is constructing an artificial island adjacent to Maldives, just 684 km far from India. This has been revealed in the recently taken photograph from a satellite. These photographs have been made public by an Open Source Intelligence Analyst Detresfa. It is being revealed by the experts that China is trying to challenge India at sea through this island. Former Maldivian President Abdulla Yameen 16 islands of his country to China on lease during his tenure in 2016. China is undertaking numerous construction works near these islands.

Hans M. Kristensen, Associate Senior Fellow with the SIPRI Disarmament, Arms Control and non-proliferation Programme and Director of the Nuclear Information Project, an international organisation which keeps watch on the purchase and sale of weapons, tweeted that the then Government of Maldives had leased their Feydhoo Finolhu island for 4 million dollars (Rs. 30 crore 33 lakh) for 50 years to a Chinese company. Now China is trying to surround India there. China has trapped many countries in the Indian Ocean region by providing loans to them.

Chinese fighter aircraft will be able to reach India within 20 to 25 minutes !

Maldives is en route to ships coming from the Indian Ocean. Trade of billions of Rupees is carried out through this route. Therefore, Maldives proves important for China; moreover, Chinese aircraft will be able to reach India only within 20 to 25 minutes from here.