Coronavirus related death toll has risen to 2.83 lakhs in the world till today

85% of deaths are in the Europe and the United States of America

People in India are expected to be cautious and adhere to rules to avoid such mayhem

Washington (USA) – Coronavirus has caused 2.83 lakhs deaths and 41.45 lakhs are tested positive by the virus till today in the world.  85% deaths are reported from the Europe and United States of America. 2.34 lakhs have died in these countries. Deaths in Europe alone are estimated to 1.54 lakhs and 17 lakhs are tested positive of the coronavirus. Death toll in America is 80,000 whereas 12.50 lakhs are tested positive.

Britain has more than 31,500, France has 26,310, Italy has 30,395 and Spain has recorded 26, 621 deaths.