Devout Hindus protest on Tweeter against Tamil Nadu Government’s decision

Tamil Nadu Government’s ‘Fatwa’ to temples to contribute crores to CM Relief Fund

#LootTemplesGiftMinorities ranks third amongst national trends on Twitter !

Mumbai – Tamil Nadu Government has recently ordered 47 large temples out of 3,000 Government controlled temples in the State to donate crores of rupees to the Chief Minister’s coronavirus relief fund. On the other hand, on the backdrop of Ramzan, 2,895 mosques in the State have been given 5,450 tonnes of free rice for Biryani. In protest of the discrimination, the devout Hindus sparked a Twitter trend with the hashtag #LootTemplesGiftMinorities.

In a short period of time, it ranked the 5th in the national trend and then ranked the 3rd soon after. By late evening, 50,000 people had tweeted on it. People have demanded that the Government should not discriminate against Hindus, stop the loot of temples and withdraw the order. The Twitter also brought into light how the Government controlled Hindu temples are being looted.