‘Coronavirus’ : Beginning of the adverse times


The coronavirus, which has spread havoc worldwide, has also entered India and is infecting people in most areas including Delhi, Karnataka, Kerala and Maharashtra. The disease caused by the coronavirus is contagious and has created fear among the people. The media is also instilling fear in people’s minds. The coronavirus has impacted the economy, politics, trade, industry, education sector, etc. at the global level. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared coronavirus a ‘pandemic’. Against this backdrop, it has become essential to address the underlying causes of the coronavirus and the possible remedies over it.

Even though the actual rate of coronavirus transmission is high, the mortality rate is quite low. Therefore, there is no need to panic. According to the WHO, the mortality rate is 3.5%. China, from where the coronavirus has originated, is India’s neighbour, yet its transmission has been much less in India when compared with other countries.

Although one reason for this is the geographical position of India, more important is in abiding by the Indian culture. The daily actions that Sanatan Hindu Dharma has stipulated are beneficial at the spiritual, social and personal level, as has been proven through scientific tests. One daily action stipulated by Hindu Dharma is – doing ‘Namaskar’ by joining the hands instead of a handshake. Irrespective of the fear created by coronavirus, this method of greeting is being widely praised globally. Not just the method of greeting but the steps in many activities, such as eating habits, ingredients used in cooking, method of sleeping, brushing the teeth, bathing, etc. are like ‘Standard Operating Procedures’ (SOPs) of Hindu Dharma. Abiding by these procedures provides not just personal benefits but social and national benefits too.

Need for Agnihotra

Most Indians are vegetarians. Indian dishes include turmeric, ginger and other Ayurvedic ingredients. In the name of closeness, westerners take a morsel from someone else’s plate, but Indian culture prohibits eating food from someone else’s plate. Indians have a habit of washing their hands with water after meals or defecation instead of wiping with tissue paper. Ayurveda as well as traditional Indian knowledge were largely ignored in the middle ages. Yet, in Indian society, some traditions and practices associated with Dharma are still followed.

If the benefits of abiding by Ayurveda or Sanatan Hindu Dharma even to a little extent are so much, how many more benefits can be accrued if the entire lifestyle is aligned with Dharma ?

In Hindu Dharma, Agnihotra is recommended for purifying the environment. Agnihotra has the power to protect from nuclear radiation too; however, organisations like ANiS (Andhashraddha Nirmulan Samiti) still deride Agnihotra as superstition. This shows the intellectual bankruptcy of ANiS followers who beat the drum of rationalism; however, they are oblivious to it. Just as the sun’s existence can never be questioned no matter how much a blind man shouts that there is no sun, in the same way, howsoever vociferously the so-called progressive organisations (such as ANiS) criticise Indian culture, it will never develop any defect. Everything stipulated in Hindu Dharma is experience-based. Those who practice these acts with faith will certainly reap its fruits. Millions of people have experienced and realised this. This is an opportunity to propagate Indian culture and tell the world its importance. India should take advantage of the coronavirus pandemic as a blessing in disguise.

Spiritual practice is the saviour !

Many Seers and Saints have predicted many natural, as well as man-made disasters in the coming times. The epidemic of coronavirus is just a glimpse of these adverse times. The entire governance appears to have been put on the ventilator at the start of the adverse times ! How will they cope when more disasters strike ?

Whether one agrees or not, spiritual practice will be the only saviour during such adverse times. The immediate causes of the epidemic and diseases, inflation, pestilence, war-like situation, rising crime, etc. being witnessed in society today will be apparent every time. However, the ‘Kalachakra’ (Time-cycle) is the true root cause and answer to all problems !

Performing spiritual practice is the key to coping with the situation calmly and to remain mentally stable. With the support of spiritual practice, the spiritual strength of an individual also increases. Faith in God or the Guru makes a person fearless by enabling him to face any crisis. Even stories in the Hindu Puranas give the same message. Evil acts of Hiranyakashyapu, such as pushing devotee Prahlad into boiling oil, throwing him down a cliff were frightening incidents for Prahlad. Yet, he was unscathed and remained unmoved as he was in constant communion with God. Similarly, the answer to all problems is to develop devotion unto God.