A staggering amount of Rs. 120 crore spent to oppose the CAA !

The associated agencies should conduct a thorough investigation and expose the names of people who accept and deposit such funds. This will reveal who is orchestrating violence to disturb peace in the country !

New Delhi – The Enforcement Directorate’s (ED) probe into financial transactions involving Popular Front of India’s (PFI) alleged role in the anti-CAA protests revealed that a total of Rs. 120 crore was credited to bank accounts linked to the PFI. The country saw protests opposing the CAA and violence in some places. The violent protests in UP resulted in deaths of more than 15 people. FIRs were lodged against over 1,000 people. Jihadi organisation PFI’s name was linked to the violence and some of its members were apprehended. A staggering amount of Rs. 120 Crore was spent in the conspiracy to oppose the CAA and fuel violence.

A preliminary probe conducted by the anti-money laundering agency established a suspicious pattern of deposits into and withdrawal of money from PFI’s 73 accounts. There are 27 accounts in the name of PFI and 9 accounts of another entity – Rehab India Foundation. The organisation opened 37 accounts in the name of 17 individuals and organisations. Financial transactions through these 73 bank accounts, into which a total of Rs. 120 Crore was deposited and later withdrawn immediately, were deliberately kept small to dodge suspicion.

On the day CAA was presented in the Parliament, Rs. 15 crore were deposited in the accounts related to PFI. The cash amount was deposited in small instalments of Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 49,000 to conceal the identity of the depositors. In this period, small amounts of Rs. 2,000 to 5,000 were withdrawn. Before and on the day of the violence, such frequent withdrawals were made by different people as PFI’s bank accounts saw as many as 80-90 withdrawals in small amounts on a single day.

In Police investigation, the transaction dates in the 15 PFI account also match the dates of violence. Therefore, it is suspected that withdrawals were made for the sole purpose of violence. UP administration is considering banning the PFI. The State Government sent its recommendations to ban PFI to the Central Government.