Do this for India to become a Supreme Power !

Perform assigned or accepted tasks honestly for at least 8 hours a day by using your full ability in the interests of the Nation. Instead of merely discussing any untoward incident, do something about it.

Wealth of a corrupt individual must be confiscated from anywhere in the world, including Swiss Banks. Enact a law to sentence such traitors to death.

The US President understood that protecting fundamental rights is his moral responsibility !

Once, the youngest son of William Howard Taft, the 27th President of United States, used insulting language for the President while having a trivial conversation about the Nation during dinner.

William Howard Taft got engrossed in thoughts. Breaking the long eerie silence at the dining table, his wife asked him, “Respected Sir, what punishment are you going to give to your son ?”

President William Howard Taft gave a very wise answer. He said, “At this time, I have not thought of the punishment. If my son has used foul language to insult me as a father, then first I will find the reason for it. If I realise that I am responsible, then instead of punishing him, I will bring about changes in myself. However, if I am not responsible, then I will definitely think of punishing him appropriately. If he has insulted me as the President of the United States, then I will not punish him at all; because, expressing his views on a sensitive issue in the country is not only his legal right, it is the fundamental right to freedom as a human being, and as the President of United States, protecting his rights is my constitutional as well as moral responsibility”.

From this incident we can understand the concept of true freedom in any system of governance. The ruler rules with a paternal attitude; hence, he is more aware of his responsibilities than his rights. Why can’t this be the fundamental formula of true freedom ?

– Mr. Dhanaraj Vanjari (in Dainik Loksatta, 15.8.2010)

(In the ‘Hindu Rashtra [Nation]’ or Divine Rule, the rulers will have such a mentality ! – Editor)