The Taliban government is not endorsed : United Nations

Doha (Qatar) – A meeting between the United Nations and the Taliban was held in Qatar’s capital Doha to improve relations with Afghanistan. About this, United Nations Political and Peacebuilding Officer Rosemary A. DiCarlo has made it clear that the meeting does not mean ‘we have endorsed the Taliban government’. Ambassadors from 24 countries attended this meeting.

DiCarlo further said that the problems of the Afghan people will be solved due to the exchange of ideas on various sources in this meeting. Taliban government chief spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid, who led the delegation in Doha, said the gathering was an opportunity for the Taliban to meet representatives of various countries.

Antonio Guterres

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said the Taliban had demanded that Afghan civil society be excluded from the talks and that the Taliban be treated like a legitimate country. Afghan women’s representatives were excluded from the meeting in Doha, prompting the Taliban to send its emissaries.

In 2021, US and NATO troops withdrew from Afghanistan after 20 years. The Taliban took over the country in August 2021, but no country officially recognizes the Taliban as a ‘government’.