Kerala’s Communist government and Congress do not want the Sabarimala Yatra : TB Shekhar, Sabarimala Ayyappa Seva Samajam

Vaishvik Hindu Rashtra Mahotsav (2024) Day 3 – National Security and Protection of Dharma

TB Shekhar, Chairman, Sabarimala Ayyappa Seva Samajam

Ramnath Devasthan, Goa – Sabarimala Ayyappa Seva Samajam was established in 2008 under the chairmanship of former Mizoram Governor Kumaram Rajasekhar. It was established with the motto Serve Ayyappa Save Sabarimala. This organisation is working to ensure that the devotees who come to Sabarimala have a safe and hassle-free darshan of Swami Ayyappa, because pilgrims coming here face many difficulties. Congress or communist governments that have ruled Kerala till date are anti-Hindu. They don’t want the journey of Hindu pilgrims to go smoothly. They create many obstacles for the pilgrims, said T.B. Shekhar (Chairman, Sabarimala Ayyappa Seva Samajam). He was speaking in the Vaishvik Hindu Rashtra Mahotsav (2024)

Mr Shekhar further said that the Kerala government opposes Annadaan (food donation). Swami Ayyappa is known as ‘Annadaan Prabhu’. Sabarimala Ayyappa Seva Samajam had to go to the Supreme Court and obtain permission to donate food. Sabarimala vritam (avowed observance) lasts for 48 days. 80 thousand pilgrims visit Sabarimala every day during the Yatra period. For these pilgrims, Sabarimala Ayyappa Seva Samajam has started 140 food donation centers in Kerala on the way to Sabarimala. A food donation center has been opened every 50 km. Christians tried to build a church in the Sabarimala area, but had to abandon the project after Hindus protested. An attempt was made to remove the Dhwajastambh (temple flag pole) there to build an airport at Arunmula.

Swami Ayyappa in Sabarimala temple is in Chinmay mudra. Therefore, according to the temple tradition, women above 10 years and below 50 years of age are prohibited from entering this temple. In the year 2019, the Supreme Court gave the verdict to allow women of all age groups to enter the temple. Against this decision, 60,000 women took to the streets in Pathnamthitta and protested against the breaking of temple tradition. We filed a review petition and now the temple traditions have been restored. Sabarimala is visited by most pilgrims after the Vatican and Mecca. The government wants to reduce the number of pilgrims here. So they create obstacles.

We have started conducting programmes for the local tribals, an orphanage with food and education, to combat conversions.