Vaishvik Hindu Rashtra Mahotsav (2024) : Protecting the Dignity of Hindu Culture and Icons of Faith

Goshalas should be started in every temple in Maharashtra! – Shekhar Mundada, Chairman, Maharashtra Gau Seva Ayog, Pune, Maharashtra

Shekhar Mundada, Chairman, Maharashtra Gau Seva Ayog

Ramnath Devasthanam : Temples have both wealth and area. So every temple in Maharashtra must have a goshala. ISKCON has started 2 goshalas in Maharashtra. We are in talks with the Tuljapur, Shirdi and Pandharpur temples to start goshalas there. If you save gomata, the nation will be saved. A true Hindu is one who has faith in the gomata. Maharashtra has a law prohibiting cow slaughter, but it wasn’t being effectively enforced. After the establishment of the Maharashtra Gau Seva Ayog, there has been some success in stopping cow slaughter. There is a need to work on go sangopan (husbandry), go sanrakshan (protection), goshala (byres), go kheti (farming), go paryatan (tourism), go saksharata (literacy). Doing so will accord gomata her rightful place of honour.