Muslims Protest Against Loudspeaker from Shiva Temple During Namaz

Incident on Bakri Eid in Darbhanga (Bihar)

Darbhanga (Bihar) – In a village in Jamalpur, Darbhanga district, an incident occurred on Bakri Eid where Muslims protested against the use of a loudspeaker during a ‘Shiv Charcha’ program at a local Shiva temple while namaz was ongoing. This led to a confrontation between Hindus and Muslims as the Muslims attempted to remove the loudspeaker, creating tension in the area. Upon receiving information about the incident, the police arrived at the scene and defused the situation. Considering the tense atmosphere, police security has been deployed in the village.

Local resident Sushil Kumar alleged that around 50 Muslims tried to remove the loudspeaker from the temple, prompting resistance from the Hindus. During this time, objects were thrown from both sides. A video of the incident has been circulated on social media.

Editorial Perspectives

  • Those who cannot tolerate the sound from a temple loudspeaker during their namaz should consider how much Hindus endure the five daily calls to prayer from mosque loudspeakers.
  • How many more years will loudspeakers on mosques be allowed in the name of suicidal secularism in a predominantly Hindu country ?