Bangladesh army suffers due to substandard military equipment supplied by China

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and Chinese President Xi Jinping

Dhaka (Bangladesh) – It has been revealed that China has sold inferior quality arms to the Bangladesh Armed Forces. As claimed by the Bangladesh army, the fighter planes and radars supplied by China are defective. Even the spare parts sent by China are inferior quality; therefore, the Bangladesh army is suffering.

1. The warships bought from China by Bangladesh have developed technical snags. Bangladesh Air Force is concerned about China’s F-7 fighter planes due to several technical issues.

2. Bangladesh Air Force reported problems with firing the ammunition loaded into its Chinese- built K-8W aircraft shortly after delivery. The air interception radars are also defective. Chinese radars fitted in fighter planes supplied to Bangladesh are defective and substandard.

3. Bangladesh ordered main battle tanks from China’s ‘North Industries Corporation’. China is, however, facing problems in supplying spare parts for their repairs and maintenance.

4. Bangladesh Navy too is facing problems. The two frigates built by China and sold to Bangladesh experienced multiple defects during transportation to Bangladesh. Moreover, the Chinese Company demanded additional payment to fix the snags.

5. China had sold two used submarines to Bangladesh, a decade ago, which were found to have outlived their utility. Last year, the Bangladesh navy complained to China about the malfunctioning of C-704 machinery on its ‘BNS Nirmul’ warship, but China has demanded additional money for upgrading this machinery.

Myanmar Air Force also troubled with Chinese substandard arms

Not just Bangladesh Armed Forces, but even Myanmar Air Force is annoyed due to Chinese substandard material. It is also facing problems with fighter planes acquired from China. The experts in the field feel that China is still not capable of making technically advanced and high- standard war material. The arms sold by China are mostly either substandard or made using non-conventional technology. Poor countries buy arms from China because of their low cost.

Editorial Perspective

Every country has experienced problems with poor-quality Chinese goods, and people have suffered by using such goods. This can lead to an undeclared boycott of Chinese goods by the world in the next few years.