Global action needed to end Taliban oppression

United Nations expresses concern over the situation of women in Afghanistan

New York (US) – The United Nations’ entity for women rights ‘UN Women’ has expressed concern over the situation of women in Afghanistan in a report. The report calls for global action to end the atrocities against women in Afghanistan. It states that the progress made in Afghanistan over the past several decades has been halted during the three-year rule of the Taliban, and the situation is now deteriorating.

Deteriorating situation of women Under Taliban rule

According to the report, the Taliban, which has been in power in Afghanistan for the past few years, has implemented more than 70 official decrees, statements, and directives that have had a profound impact on the lives of women and girls in Afghanistan. The struggle for women’s rights in Afghanistan has been ongoing for many decades and generations, but since the establishment of the Taliban regime in August 2021, Afghan women and girls have been subjected to widespread oppression. The lack of gender equality has affected development in all sectors. Opportunities for progress are limited, and the impact may be felt by future generations.

Alarming statistics presented by the United Nations

The United Nations report presents several alarming statistics. According to the report, 1.1 million girls in Afghanistan are not attending school, and more than 1,00,000 women are out of university. Afghan women are also left with little to no space to influence decisions impacting their lives. There are no women leaders in the Taliban care-taker administration.

Atmosphere of despair among women

Social isolation has led to a sense of despair among women and girls. For a long time, 18% of women have not met any other woman outside their immediate family. 8% of the young women or girls who participated in this survey stated, “We know at least one woman or girl we are acquainted with, who has attempted suicide since August 2021.”

“Women want the right to make decisions, not just in their homes but in the Government and other spaces. They want education. They want to work. They want their rights. The situation and circumstances of women in society have been deteriorating since the Taliban returned to power in Afghanistan,” said a 26-year-old Afghan woman who spoke to UN Women.


Editorial Perspectives

  • Those who call Hindus ‘Talibani’ do not open their mouth about the actual Taliban and what it is like.
  • Note that not a single Muslim woman, leader, or organisation is speaking about the plight of women under Taliban rule.