Conduct single trial for all crimes registered against me : Jitendra Awhad

  • Awhad had made controversial statement about Deity Shriram
  • The Court seeks State Government’s opinion

Mumbai – 7 cases have been registered against Nationalist Congress (Sharad Pawar faction) MLA Jitendra Awhad across various places in the State for making the controversial statement that ‘Deity Shriram was a non-vegetarian.’ Jitendra Awhad has requested the Court to conduct single trial for all these crimes together. The Court has sought the opinion of the State Government on this.

Awhad’s plea was heard on 10thJune before the bench of Justice Revati Dere and Justice Shyam Chandak. Awhad has demanded in the petition that all these crimes should be transferred to Vartaknagar or Navghar Police station in Thane.

Awhad’s controversial statement

In January 2024, BJP MLA Ram Kadam had demanded a ban on sale of liquor and meat in Maharashtra on the day of pranapratishtha of Shriram murti in Ayodhya. At that time, Jitendra Awhad said, ‘Shriram belonged to ‘Bahujans’ like us. He was a hunter and meat-eater. He was not a vegetarian. Where can a person living in the forest for 14 years get vegetarian food ?’ Awhad apologised for this statement as soon as he realised that it was causing a controversy.