Only 23 out of 90 Muslim candidates won in the Lok Sabha elections 2024

Most Muslim victorious candidates from UP and Bengal

New Delhi – 90 Muslim candidates were fielded by various political parties in the Lok Sabha elections in the country. Out of them, only 23 candidates have won. In the last Lok Sabha elections, this number was 26. At that time 136 Muslim candidates were fighting the elections. In 2014, out of 216 candidates, 23 were elected as MPs.

1. Among the 23 candidates who have won, 7 are from Congress and 5 from Trinamool Congress. Muslim candidates won 6 out of 42 seats in Bengal and 5 out of 80 seats in Uttar Pradesh.

2. Muslim candidates have been elected in Hyderabad, Murshidabad, Dhubri, Baramulla, Srinagar and Lakshadweep. For the first time, a Muslim candidate has won Berhampore seat in Bengal, which has more than 50% Muslim population. Here, Yusuf Pathan of Trinamool Congress defeated Congress candidate Adhir Ranjan Chaudhary.


3. In Uttar Pradesh, Samajwadi Party’s 10 Muslim candidates have won. Last time 4 Muslim candidates were victorious.

Editorial Perspective

23 Muslim candidates won. Although this number is small, it should be noted that many Hindu candidates of the so-called secular political parties do not work for Hindus, but for Muslims.