Wadanage (Dist. Kolhapur) village observes bandh in protest of Waqf Board’s land grabbing

Wadanage Gram Panchayat did not present its position even once, leading to the land going to ‘Waqf Board’

Kolhapur – The land next to the Mahadev Temple and the shops in the area in Wadanage village have been grabbed by the ‘Waqf Board’. In protest, a strict bandh was observed in the village on 24thMay. In this regard, a statement was given to Collector Amol Yedge on behalf of the entire Hindu community. The villagers have alleged that the Gram Panchayat did not present its position during the ongoing hearing regarding this land. The District Collector assured the delegation of villagers and devout Hindus that he would verify the necessary aspects and appeal to the senior level, and also ask the Zilla Parishad administration to pay attention in this regard. On this occasion, along with the heads of various Hindu organisations, the villagers Piraji Sankpal, Amar Chowgule, Ashok Desai, Ganesh Jadhav, Anil Jadhav, Prashant Thamke and other dignitaries were present.

Talking to the press in this regard, Piraji Sankpal, a villager from Wadanage, said, ” The land ‘Agricultural Survey No. 89’ at Wadanage belongs to the Gram Panchayat. The Waqf Board claimed this land 25 years ago and the hearing has been going on since then. As the Gram Panchayat administration could not present its side in this hearing, this land has been transferred to the ‘Waqf Board’. In protest, all the Hindus of the village observed a bandh. This situation is caused because the Gram Panchayat administration’s role in the case has been suspicious.” (The Gram Panchayat administration must clarify their stand on this – Editor).

Editorial Perspectives

  • It has to be investigated if there is any connection between the responsible person of Wadanage Gram Panchayat and the Waqf Board.
  • This shows how critical it is for the Hindus to demand the removal of ‘Waqf Act’ that gives power to ‘Waqf Board’ to seize any land. Hindus should now unite for it.