US is yet to come out of the Cold War mentality : Criticism by China and Russia

Putin says Russia and China are like brothers

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping

Beijing (China) – “The US is yet to come out of the Cold War mentality. It is sowing the seeds of chaos around the world,” stated Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin in Beijing. Putin was on a two-day visit to China on 16thand 17th May, during which Jinping and Putin united in their criticism of the US. On this occasion, they also iterated that a new era of partnership had begun between the two countries.

While welcoming Putin, Xi Jinping emphasised the significance of celebrating the 75th anniversary of China-Russia diplomatic relations. He noted that their relations have remained strong despite changing international conditions, serving as a model for how important neighbouring countries should treat each other with respect and openness.

In his speech, Putin referred to Xi Jinping as a “dear friend” and called China and Russia as brothers. He stressed that their relationship is not opportunistic nor directed against any other nation. Instead, their cooperation in global affairs acts as a stabilising factor in the international arena.

Trade between Russia and China has seen significant growth. Compared to 2021, trade between the two countries increased by 64% in 2023, reaching Rs 20 lakh crore. In 2023, China became Russia’s largest trading partner.

Editorial Perspective

Pro-Pakistan China is India’s staunch enemy. Although India is a friend of Russia, which maintains friendly relations with China, India cannot oppose Russia over this. This is because Russia, which is facing sanctions from Europe and the US, relies on a powerful ally like China. Nonetheless, India must exercise caution in its dealings with Russia.