Muslims use the most contraceptives in the country : Owaisi’s reply to PM Modi

Asaduddin Owaisi and Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Hyderabad (Telangana) – Asaduddin Owaisi, President of AIMIM and also its candidate, has replied to Prime Minister Modi that Muslims use the most contraceptives in the country, so their population is decreasing. A few days ago, Prime Minister Modi had said in a meeting in Rajasthan that, ‘If Congress comes to power in the country, citizens’ money will be distributed to those who have more children (Muslims).’Replying to this, Owaisi made the above statement.

Owaisi said,

1. Prime Minister Modi is lying and working to spread hatred against Muslims and Dalits in the country. This is ‘Modi Guarantee’.

2. The Prime Minister says that Muslims have given birth to the most children in the country; but Narendra Modi has 6 brothers, Amit Shah also has 6 sisters. Yet these people talk about the children of Muslims.

3. According to the data of the Modi Government, the fertility rate of Muslims is the lowest in the country. The population of Muslims is also decreasing day by day.

4. Importantly, Muslims are using the most contraceptives in the country. I am not saying this by myself, but the statistics of the Modi Government says this. Still, Modi is saying that ‘Muslims give birth to more children’. This is because of BJP and RSS people want to create fear in the minds of Hindus. They show fear to Hindus that at a certain time, the number of Muslims in the country will be greater than Hindus, but that will never happen.

Editorial Perspective

Owaisi is following the strategy that ‘if lies are said aloud, they seem true’. In 1950, Muslims were 9% of the country’s population, today they are more than 14%, i.e., 20 crores, while Hindus have come down from 84% to 78%. These are the official Government statistics. Hindus should keep this in mind.