Britain Court rejects petition against namaz ban in schools

Follow the rules if you wish to study in the school : Court

London – A Britain school has banned Muslim students from offering namaz in the school premises. A Muslim student filed a petition in the High Court against this decision. The High Court rejected the petition and said that if she wants to study in the school, she has to follow the rules of the school. The Court also remarked that if the student or her parents do not like any of the school rules, they are free to leave the school. Following the High Court’s decision, school founder and head teacher Catherine Birbal Singh welcomed the decision and said it was a victory for all the schools.

This case is related to Michaela Community School in Brent, UK. Any kind of religious programme is strictly prohibited in this school premises. 700 students study in this school. More than half of them are Muslims. Despite the ban on namaz in this school, 30 Muslim students offered the namaz. After this, the school took strict action and warned everyone. After this, a schoolgirl filed a petition in the High Court demanding lifting of the ban on offering namaz in the school.

Editorial Perspectives

  • Demanding namaz in the school premises itself is a sign of religious fanaticism. Therefore, this judgment given by the Britain Court is critical from many angles.
  • Muslim students in some Karnataka schools in India, had demanded permission to wear the hijab. Note that the conspiracy to Islamise the schools is happening at the international level.