India has taken the necessary steps to modernize the military : US

Washington (USA) – Lieutenant General Jeffrey Kruse, Director of the US Defense Intelligence Agency, stated that India is emerging as a global leader and has taken the necessary steps to modernize its military. He made these remarks while addressing the US Congress. He further stated that in the past year, India has increased its competitiveness with China and has taken steps to reduce its dependence on Russian weaponry by modernizing its military.

Jeffrey Kruse further added –

  1. In the past year, India has established itself as a global leader by hosting the G20 Economic Summit. Along with this, it has also demonstrated a readiness to engage with China’s illegal activities in the Indo-Pacific region.
  2. India is increasingly partnering with regional powers such as the Philippines through cooperation, training and defence sales. India has also increased regional cooperation with the US, Australia, France and Japan.
  3. India also held discussions with several Western countries on the transfer of cutting-edge defence technologies.
  4. India has maintained a balanced role in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, preserving its ties with both sides. Despite India’s aspiration for diversification in defence procurement partnerships, Russia remains India’s foremost defence partner. India continues to acquire weapons like the S-400 surface-to-air missile system from Russia, seeking to uphold diversity in defence procurement partnerships while obtaining sophisticated weaponry, akin to missile defence systems, from Russia.
  5. To resolve the dispute between India and Pakistan over Kashmir, international support through the United Nations Security Council is necessary.(India should firmly tell the US that Kashmir is an integral part of India and India is capable of resolving the issue. – Editor)
  6. Despite the economic crisis, Pakistan has continued its nuclear modernization efforts.
  7. During the June 2020 clash between India and China, India lost 20 soldiers, while China lost at least 5 soldiers.
    (Praise India on one hand and present false figures on the other ! This is an old US trick. 20 Indian soldiers were killed in Galwan Valley, while the Indian Army killed at least 60 Chinese soldiers. – Editor) The meetings between the high-level defence officials of both countries are becoming fruitless. Between 50,000 and 60,000 soldiers are deployed on the borders of both countries and efforts are being made by both countries to increase the infrastructure facilities in the border areas.