I will hold Dharmasabha to establish Hindu Rashtra : T Raja Singh, MLA, BJP

  • Hindus resolve to take an active part in the mission of protection of Dharma and nation !
  • Dharmasabha attended by 14,000 Hindus
  • T Raja Singh demands Police protection for Gourakshaks in Chopda

Chopda, Maharashtra 23rd February – Many are trying to bring obstacles in my sabha, but I shall not waver from my goal. I shall hold Dharmasabha for establishing Hindu Rashtra. The State Chief Minister should order the removal of all encroachments on every fort. Religious fanatics, who work as cow slaughterers,  attacked the Police in Chopda; therefore, Police should protect Gou-rakshaks, demanded BJP’s staunch devout Hindu MLA T Raja Singh from Hyderabad while addressing ‘Hindu Dharma-jagruti Sabha (Sabha)’ held on 21st February 2024 on the grounds of Khandesh Mill at Chopda. Sanatan Sanstha’s Sadguru Nandkumar Jadhav, Mr Prashant Juvekar, the Coordinator of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) for Jalgaon and Ms Pratiksha Korgaonkar, HJS Coordinator from Ahilyanagar shared the dais with MLA T Raja Singh. The Sabha was organised by ‘Hindu Sakal Samaj’. About 14,000 devout Hindus, including office bearers and members of various devout Hindu organisations and political parties, attended the sabha. The sabha was compeered by Ms Rageshree Deshpande.

MLA T Raja Singh said

The tilak applied on their foreheads by Hindus is a gift of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. The surgical strike ordered by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Pakistan is the strategy used by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.

Hindus were forced to convert to Islam during Aurangzeb’s rule. There is a need to study Hindu Dharma.

Chhatrapati Shivaraya had protected cows when he was only 12 years old. You too, protect cows which is a great merit.

Hindus should oppose Hindu haters with unity, and in a lawful manner – Sadguru Nandkumar Jadhav, Dharmapracharak, Sanatan Sanstha

When Hindus take an oath, they fulfil it as is the history. Shriram established Ram Rajya. Shrikrushna installed righteous rule while Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj took an oath and established ‘Hindavi Swaraj’. Similarly, it was resolved to construct the Shriram Mandir at Ayodhya and Hindus fulfilled the oath. Attempts are made to eliminate Hindu Dharma. Hindus must oppose Hindu-haters with unity and in a lawful manner.

Dignitaries present for the sabha

Former MLA Kailas Patil, Rajaram Patil, Gajendra Jaiswal, Bhaiya Pawar, Naresh Mahajan, Shyam Pardeshi, Yashwant Chaudhari, Raju Swami, Nilesh Bari, Bhagat Singh Patil, Sakshi Gujarathi, besides ‘Dharakari’ volunteers attended the ‘sabha’. Mr Chandrahas Gujarathi, the President of ‘CHOSAKA’, BJP’s District President Amol Jawale, Taluka-President Chandrashekhar Patil, Dr Ketaki Patil, and Pankaj Borole were also present for the sabha. Mr Aba Deshmukh, Mr Mahesh Pawar, Mr Amrut Sachdev, advocate Dharmendra Sonar, Pravin Jain, Shyam Sonar, Raju Sharma, Dr Rohan Patil put in a lot of effort to organise the sabha.

Ram Rajya will be established when Hindus unite – Ms Pratiksha Korgaonkar, HJS

If we want Jijau’s Shiva in this country, there has to be ‘Jijau’ in every house and such sabha should be held in every village. Ram Rajya will be established soon if all come together.

Keep Chhatrapati Shivaraya as ideal – Prashant Juvekar, HJS    

MLA T Raja Singh has come to meet us overcoming many difficulties. The Rulers only make promises, but never keep them. Chhatrapati Shivaraya, however, never broke the promise given to his people. Hindus have to work for their goal keeping him as their ideal.

Heavy deployment of Police at the venue of the sabha

There was heavy deployment of Police around the venue of the sabha, with additional Superintendent of Police (SP) Kavita Nerkar, Deputy SP Dr Kunal Sonawane, and Police Inspector Madhukar Salwe in attendance.

Sabha held after receiving the Court’s orders

Police had denied permission to hold the sabha. A petition was, therefore, filed by advocate Dharmendra Sonar with the Sambhajinagar Bench of Mumbai High Court under the initiative of MNS leader Mr Anil Wankhede and former municipal councillor Rajaram Patil. They worked hard to organise this sabha which could be held only after the Court’s permission.