Provision of Rs 100 crore for restoration of ancient Shriram temples

Congress Govt in Karnataka’s decision

Bengaluru (Karnataka) – Chief Minister Siddaramaiah of the Congress Government in Karnataka has earmarked Rs 100 crore for the restoration of ancient Shriram temples in the State. The announcement is likely to be made in the State budget for the financial year 2024-25. Discussions are ongoing to include these projects in the Charity Department’s plans.

This is not politics over Shriram Temple – Charities Minister Ramalinga Reddy

Charity Department Minister Ramalinga Reddy stated, “We have given a proposal to the Chief Minister for the allocation of funds for the renovation. We want to improve the temples in the State where people have been worshipping for a very long time. This project is not limited to Shriram temples, other temples also will be renovated under this scheme.”

For Congress, God and Dharma are not topics to be politicised – Congress

The Congress party posted on X, “Shriram is also present in Karnataka. In this regard, our Government has taken steps to restore ancient temples. For us, God and Dharma are not topics to be politicised; they are concerns of our belief and devotion.”

Those who believe in Hindutva will answer Congress in elections – BJP

Opposition leader in the Karnataka Legislative Assembly and BJP MLA R Ashoka remarked, “The Government ordered the arrest of activists who took part in the Ayodhya movement. They put them in jail. They are constantly harassing them. No matter what they do, the votes and those who believe in Hindutva will answer to the Congress in the upcoming election.”

Editorial Perspectives

  • Decades ago, Swatantryaveer Savarkar had said that Congress members would not hesitate to don the ‘janeu’ (sacred thread) over their suits for the sake of politics and votes. This decision of Congress aptly reflects the foresight he possessed.
  • Despite the Congress’s attempts to court Hindu votes, with its history of referring to Shriram as an imaginary figure, Hindus are well aware that the Congress’s love for Shriram is akin to the demoness Putana’s love for Shrikrushna.
  • If the Congress really had Bhav (spiritual emotion) about Shriram and the temple, it would have built a temple on Shriram Janmabhoomi and handed it over to the Hindus.