Historians no longer deny Islamic iconoclasm

Mr R Jagannathan

Our ‘eminent historians’, mostly from the Left, are showing signs that they are not beyond all education when hit repeatedly on their heads with facts and evidence. The late Sita Ram Goel, who was among the first to debunk the whitewashed versions of India’s Islamic history, stands vindicated.

Before the Babri was demolished, they repeatedly asserted that there was no temple below the mosque. Once the Archaeological survey ordered by the Allahabad High Court established beyond doubt that there indeed was a temple below the Babri, their story-line changed from ‘no temple below the mosque’, to bland assertions that what was under the Babri was another mosque or even a Buddhist stupa.

When evidence kept surfacing of multiple temple demolitions under Islamic rule, the party line was that this was done not for religious reasons but political reasons. False equivalences were drawn between consistent and bigoted Islamic iconoclasm and the occasional damage done to temples or Buddhist and Jain places of worship. The latter were aberrations rather than the norm.

– Mr R Jagannathan (A senior journalist and editor) 

(Courtesy : voiceofindia.me; 4.5.2022)