Sensitive situation at the northern border – General Manoj Pande, Chief of Army Staff

(General Manoj Pande, Credit – Firstpost)

New Delhi – ‘The security situation along India’s northern border even if stable, is sensitive’, informed General Manoj Pande, Chief of Army Staff. He added that Indian Army has sufficient capabilities and they are continuously upgrading with the latest technology.

On the dispute with China in Ladakh, the Army Chief said that discussions with China are going on both fronts, military and political. Our priority in discussions is to restore the April 2020 status. Other important points will be addressed after this. We have enough strength to face and control any situation.

Regarding the situation in Kashmir, General Manoj Pande said that incidents of infiltration are happening here and we are thwarting them with great success. The ceasefire understanding along the LoC continues to hold. Violence in Kashmir has reduced. Last year, 20 soldiers were martyred in Rajouri and Poonch. We have learned quite a lot from this incident. On the violence in Manipur, he said that we are helping the administration in Manipur to stabilise the situation. The Army needs to strategise and work patiently. We are trying to recover our looted weapons. “We are also watching the talks between China and Bhutan. We have strong relations with Bhutan and we are in constant contact with the Bhutanese Government” he added.