Picture of the first golden door of Shriram temple released

42 doors will be coated with 100 kg of gold

Golden Door in Shri Ram Temple

Ayodhya (Uttar Pradesh) – A total of 46 doors are going to be installed in the Shriram temple, of which 42 will be coated with 100 kg gold. The picture of the first golden door has been released. This door is approximately 8 feet tall and 12 feet wide. 13 more doors will be installed in the next 3 days. The doors are made of teak wood from Maharashtra. It has been carved by artisans from Hyderabad. A base layer of copper and the top layer of gold are applied on it.

Shriram Lalla’s throne is also golden

Shriram Lalla’s throne will also be golden. This work will be completed by 15 th January. The pinnacle of the temple will also be golden. Its coating will be done after the pinnacle is constructed.

The padukas are made of gold and silver

After consecration of the idol of Deity Shriram, padukas will also be installed in the temple. These are made of 1 kg of gold and 7 kg of silver. They are crafted by Srichalla Srinivasa Shastri of Hyderabad.