25,000 soldiers will be deployed in Ayodhya: Rs 100 crore to be spent on security

Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh) – 25,000 soldiers have been deployed for the security of Shriram temple in Ayodhya. Security of the temple is given to a Special Task Force (STF). To prevent suicide attacks, security system is being developed around the temple with the help of modern technology. The temple area is being equipped with CCTV. Rs 100 crores will be spent on the security. The number of security personnel may be increased on 22nd January, the day of consecration.

(Courtesy: Janta Junction)

Details of the security system:

1. Snipers will be deployed in the Sarayu river.

2. Temple security is divided into 2 zones, namely ‘Red’ and ‘Yellow’. Shriram temple is in the ‘Red Zone’, while Hanuman Garhi and Kanak Bhavan are in the ‘Yellow Zone’.

3. The Union Ministry of Home Affairs will review the security system every 6 months.