Possibility of another COVID wave in the country

New Delhi – The Coronavirus has started spreading again in the country. Cases of COVID-19 are increasing day by day. The matter of concern is that after Kerala, Corona patients have been found in 2 more States. According to the Union Health Ministry, one case in Maharashtra and 18 cases in Goa have been reported. These include the cases of a new sub-variant of Corona ‘JN.1’. Therefore, there is a possibility of a COVID wave again in the country. The active cases of COVID-19 in the country are increasing daily and their number has crossed 2,000.

Information regarding the new variant of Corona

The virus type ‘JN.1’ has also been reported in the US, Singapore and China. The World Health Organisation has called it a ‘variant of interest’ due to its increasing number of cases. Due to increasing cases of COVID-19, experts have advised people to be alert. People should avoid going to crowded places.

Situation normal in all States except Kerala; but need to stay alert – Dr Ajit Jain

A senior COVID officer at Delhi’s Rajiv Gandhi Hospital Dr Ajit Jain said in this regard, “The new variant of Corona should not be taken lightly. Although the symptoms of this variant are mild, we need to be alert given the increasing number of cases. Especially, the senior citizens and those suffering from serious illnesses should be taken care of. It must be observed whether this variant has spread in the society or not. If it has, then we need to be more alert in the coming weeks. At present, if we look at the statistics, the situation is normal in all States except Kerala. So, there is no need to panic.