China spending billions of dollars to propagate its narrative in the world !

  • A US report claims
  • China also attempts to take Pakistani media under control !

(Credits : Times of India)

Washington (USA) – According to a US report, the Chinese Government is spending billions of dollars around the world to create a positive narrative for its interests. Through this, China is trying to suppress news related to Taiwan, human rights, the South China Sea, and the Chinese economy, as well as those that are harmful to China. China is also working with Russia in the field of intelligence. Through this, China will be able to create a narrative of its interest in the world.

(Credits : WION)

Points mentioned in the report –

1. China is trying to control Pakistani media. For this, it is forming a web of international campaigns.

2. The international media is criticising the ‘China-Pakistan Economic Corridor’, an ambitious economic project of Pakistan and China. To counter this, both countries have started a campaign called ‘CPEC Rapid Response Information Network’, under which, ‘China-Pakistan Media Corridor’ has been activated.

3. Both countries will attempt to refute the alleged rumours against them. Important news will also be translated into Urdu language.

Editorial Perspective

Chinese Government is carrying out anti-India activities in India too with the help of the media. India should take the initiative to unite the countries suffering due to China and isolate China.