Nameplate removed from illegal mosque in Chennai (Tamil Nadu)

Result of opposition by devout Hindu organisations

(Credits: Twitter)

Chennai – The nameplate on the mosque, ‘Masjid Mohammed Ghous Asusa,’ which was illegally constructed on Government land in the RK Nagar area, has been removed. This action was taken following a complaint filed by devout Hindu organisations.

The mosque, located on Sunnambu Kalvai Kilinjal Street in the Korukkupet area, has been built illegally in a predominantly Hindu-majority area. The Muniswaran Temple stands just 50 metres away from this mosque, with the Azhagu Muthu Mariamman Temple and Ellai Muthu Mariamman Temple at a distance of 80 metres. This route is frequently used for processions during temple festivals. Therefore, Hindus are alleging that the construction of an illegal mosque along this route is an attempt to stir religious tensions. In response to these concerns, V Prabhakar (Tamil Nadu Shiv Sena Party), RD Prabhu (Bharat Hindu Munnani), C Gopi (All temples protection committee), V.M. Shivkumar (Akila Hindu Makkal Amaippu), Shivaji (Shri Bharat Munnani), M Senthil (Akila Bharat Hindu Makkal Sena), Shri. RK Sathish (President of Hindu Mandir Association), R. Kandasamy (South Indian Shiv Sena), Saravanan (Tamil Nadu Hindu Makkal Sena), Mani (Sanatan Bharat Sena), Shri M. Raghav Babu (Tamil Nadu Dalit Makkal Thayagam) and other pro-Hindu organisations staged a protest in front of this mosque on 29th September. Prior to this, a complaint had been lodged with the Police.

Editorial Perspectives

  • Hindu organisations should not limit their efforts to just removing the nameplate, but should also actively pursue legal action against this illegal mosque.
  • Were the Police and administration sleeping while the mosque was being built illegally ? It is equally true that the Hindu-hating DMK (Dravid Munnetra Kazhagam – Dravid Pragati Sangh) Government in Tamil Nadu may be less inclined to take appropriate action in this matter.