The conspiracy to defame VHP and Bajrang Dal revealed in Gurugram

Asif put up placards threatening Muslims in the name of Hindu organisations

Gurugram (Haryana) – A Muslim conspiracy to defame Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) and Bajrang Dal has been exposed in Gurugram. A Muslim youth named Asif put up placards threatening Muslims in the city’s name of VHP and Bajrang Dal. Along with this, the rumour is that the threatening message included the evacuation of the slums. On this basis, the leaders of the Islamic community, communist groups and the Congress party tried to defame the Hindu organisations. The Police have arrested Asif, a resident of Uttarakhand, in connection with putting up these placards; he has accepted the crime. The Police are still investigating to find anything in this case.

Without verifying the facts, the media blamed the Hindu organisations only

In this case, the media blamed Hindu organisations for publishing fake, misleading news against Hindu organisations. Without waiting for the Police investigation, these news agencies had already started criticising VHP and Bajrang Dal!

Editorial perspective

Realise the conspiracy of religious fanatic Muslims to defame Hindu organisations in some way or the other. Why are progressives and Congressmen silent about this now ?