Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau dodges Indian journalist’s questions

Incident of Khalistani terrorism

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (Credits: Twitter)

New York, US – Justin Trudeau arrived in New York at the United Nations Headquarters to attend the high-level 78th session of the UN General Assembly.Indian journalists from the “Press Trust of India” confronted Trudeau with questions about the allegations made by India against him and Canada. However, Trudeau chose not to provide any answers and quickly moved away from the journalists.

(Credits : First Post)

The Indian journalists persisted and attempted to ask him the same question again, but Trudeau continued to dodge the question. This incident has attracted significant attention worldwide, as it appears that Trudeau is avoiding addressing the serious allegations raised by India.

Editorial Viewpoint

As the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has no answers regarding his false allegations against India, he is dodging Indian journalists’ questions. The whole world has witnessed it.