India demands action from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Nepal

Demand made on the backdrop of anti-India statements made by Chinese Ambassador to Nepal

(Credit : Kathmandu Post)

New Delhi – After the Chinese Ambassador in Nepal made statements against India, the Indian embassy in Kathmandu has now sought answers from the Nepalese foreign ministry regarding this and demanded action against the Chinese Ambassador. Nepal’s Foreign Minister NP Saud said that they have issued a notice to the Chinese Ambassador.

Many political diplomats of Nepal have opposed the Chinese Ambassador’s statement. They said that the Chinese Ambassador has created an unnecessary controversy against India in Nepal.

Arun Subedi, an advisor to former Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba, said that Nepal’s Prime Minister Prachanda’s Government should send a letter to China to oppose the latter’s Ambassador’s statement. The question is, if the Indian Ambassador also makes such a statement, what will be Nepal’s response ? Prachanda’s Government has remained silent on the statements of the Chinese Ambassador.

Prime Minister’s Office criticises Chinese Ambassador’s statement

Nepal’s Prime Minister’s Office has declared the Chinese Ambassador’s statement as apolitical. It said that the Chinese Ambassador cannot make such a statement in Nepal’s internal affairs. Nor can they comment on our relations with neighbouring countries and those on whom we are heavily dependent.

Editorial Viewpoint

Nepal has no power to take action against the Chinese Ambassador. Therefore, nothing of that sort will take place. India itself should keep responding to China in a befitting manner !