A teacher had to apologise on behalf of the students as they were cheering for Swatantryaveer Savarkar

Incident at a Government school in Bantwal (Karnataka)

Mangaluru (Karnataka) – An incident has come to light in a government school in Manchi in Bantwal where the teacher had to apologise after some students chanted ‘Swatantryaveer Savarkar Ki Jai’. As the teacher had asked the Muslim students also to participate in chanting for Savarkar, the said teacher was forced to apologise due to the pressure from political leaders and parents.

1. A video of the students chanting slogans in favour of Veer Savarkar was made and circulated on social media. Some parents came to the school after they watched this video to enquire about it. They objected to asking Muslim students to chant praises of Savarkar.

2. The Headmistress tried to explain the situation. She said it was not done deliberately. He was hailed along with other freedom fighters. As we have all read from our books, Veer Savarkar is also a freedom fighter. She requested the parents to not politicise and poison the minds of young children. But the Muslim parents were not ready to heed her advice. The headmistress was also pressurised by telephone calls from political leaders. So later the teacher was forced to apologise.

3. A parents-teachers meeting was immediately arranged the next day. Some parents and political leaders passed certain remarks on the concerned teacher. The teacher was then forced to apologise to everyone present.

4. The headmistress has lodged a Police complaint against those who circulated the video on social media.

Editorial Viewpoint

So now, is it a crime to chant slogans for Swatantryaveer Savarkar after the Congress Government has come to power in Karnataka ?